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image.pngWhy do Hypnosis? I’m sure there are a lot of questions in your head right now. In what purpose is it efficient? Who is it for? Are we all able to experience it? Does it cure? Does it hurt? Am I going to be sleeping? Or remembering what I’ve done? Etc.

 What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis means 2 things: It’s a therapy and it’s a state.

Hypnosis as a therapy, is a way of helping people to change something they can’t change with only their will, e.g. quit smoking, “I want consciously to stop smoking, but I can’t”. In that case we need to adjust the part that is responsible for smoking, which is the Unconscious. And how do we get to our Unconscious? By changing our state of consciousness.

Which brings us to Hypnosis as an altered state of consciousness. That specific state allows us to practice Hypnosis. And that state is all natural, which means we all experience it at least once a day. For example, when we watch a movie, we are so absorbed in the story, that we don’t remember that we are in front of a screen. In our mind, we are actually living what’s happening in the movie. It’s the same when we drive, or when we work or read, or when we are in a passionate conversation, and we don’t see the time passing anymore. The fact that we lose time control means that we are totally relaxed. And our conscious mind is completely out of the field, which leaves space to the Unconscious to express itself. That’s where we can practice hypnosis, because we speak directly to the main part of our mind.

 Our Unconscious is responsible for 90% of what we do all day!

So we’d better address to the right part of us to get things done. Our Unconscious does many things for us, without us noticing. Breathing, heart beating, digesting, running blood in our veins, etc. and it does it very well without our help, or even without us being conscious about it. Which is really magic, don’t you think? Something, bigger than us is able to make us function. And disfunction as well.

So the only part that we should be working on is our Unconscious. The biggest part of us, which is responsible for what we do and knows how to do it alone.

 What is possible with hypnosis?

Almost everything is possible with hypnosis. Except maybe to grew an arm. But everything that’s related to our mind can be done.

The mind doesn’t know the difference between what we imagine and what we really do. So everything that is imaginable is doable.

Plus, we grew our own symptoms from our mind. So everything that we make in our mind, we can change it in our mind and it changes it in our body or in our life.

Therefore, we can change things we thought were not changeable. We can cure our diseases, we can change our bad habits, we can transform our fears in strengths, we can learn almost everything. Because our mind is led by our Unconscious which is automatic. And this automate can transform any learning into a habit. That’s how we learned everything we know: walking, speaking, reading, writing, etc. All these skills have become natural thanks to our Unconscious that made them automatic. We won’t “un-learn” to drive or talk, or do whatever we do automatically unless we ask the Unconscious to stop doing it. Which is good actually!

So when it comes to something we want to stop doing (like drinking, or smoking, or taking drugs, or whatever bad habit we have), we need to address the Unconscious! And here we are again. The Unconscious is the key to every pattern.

So if we want to change, to learn, to be more confident, to stop doing things we don’t like or that hurt us, to help us cure, Hypnosis is the best way to achieve where other therapies have failed. Because you take care of the biggest part of yourself, you have more power on your mind, on your body and on your life.

If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

I can also practice hypnosis in english.


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